vMix Plugin

vMix Audio Mixer PRO by Njastad

With the new vMix Audio Mixer PRO, you can bring professional audio mixers to your setup!

With the Behringer BCF2000 motorized midi panel, you can control audio like a real pro!

The motorized sliders allways correspond to the panel, even if you do some changes in the software.
The two rows on the top controls Solo and Mute for the corresponding input.


vMix MIDI Mixing software for Akai Mini

by Njastad

This 100 buck small midi device is now capable of doing all of your standard mixing ++

Features include:

Advanced Audio Control
Active/Preview Control
Overlay Control
M/E row (MultiView)
Custom Buttons

and more to come in the next patches!

vMix Software Control Panel by Njastad

The optimal vMix Software control panel is here! Just like any hardware control panel but cheaper and easier to bring!

This control panel works over Wifi, but the T-Bar is very laggy for now, so if you want to use the T-Bar, use it on the same computer as the one running vMix, and use “localhost” or “” as IP.
All buttons works with no problems over network.

* .NET Framework 4.0 or newer
* vMix Installed with webserver running

vMix Next Up! by Njastad

vMix Next Up! Is the perfect plugin for you who runs scheduled TV or web shows!
This plugin automaticly gives the viewers a notification on screen a set time before the shows begins (standard set to 10 min).

Demonstration video below (there is a little dead-time waiting for the time to be right, once wildlife goes on, you can skip ~15 sec)

vMix Production Clocks by Njastad

These clocks are 2 separate WPF elements and can be used in many diffrent ways. It can be used over other overlays, over live videos, over pause screens and so on.

Tired of checking your clock on your cellphone while under production? Want to have a handy tool in your MultiView?

The new vMix Clock set got you covered!

With both analog and digital clock (with frame counter!) you’ll never be unsure again!

The watches are fully customizable and lets you select color, framerate, wether you would like ticks or smooth second arm as well as vector scaling of size.

Psst! Reccomended font for the digital clock can be downloaded here!

vMix Strawpoll Visualizer by Njastad

Making votingpoll easy!

By integrating the strawpoll.me voting system, you can now make your audience vote on something on your show, live!

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