Technology Lovers Wait for the Presence of iPhone X with 3 Cameras

On the mat Mobile World Congress (MWC) early 2018, Huawei introduced a surprising smartphone with three main cameras, the Huawei P20 Pro. This is the first phone in the world with a triple camera.

Since then various rumors have been circulating about other future smartphone models with three cameras. In addition to Samsung Galaxy S10, there seems to be another smartphone that is under development with three cameras on the back of the iPhone X Plus.

Earlier this month, Gorden Kelly, technology editor at Forbes published an exclusive story about Apple’s upcoming iPhone model. Through accessory manufacturers, Ghostek claimed to know about the design scheme of the two successors of iPhone X.

With this illustration also revealed, the new model will have three cameras. As quoted from Lets Go Digital on Sunday (1/7), there has been a number of exclusive rendering of schematic drawings created by the concept creator. The picture looks good because it is able to give a shadow about Apple’s next flagship that will come with a triple camera feature.

For now, it is still unclear whether the third camera is indeed going to be present on the new iPhone. But the conversation among tech lovers is looking at it is important.

Huawei has successfully demonstrated its innovation along with leading lens manufacturer Leica Huawei that combines main camera (40 MP) with telephoto lens (8 MP), and monochrome camera (20 MP). Thanks to the three, the P20 Pro camera makes it possible to make even better photos in poor lighting conditions.

This is also possible thanks to three cameras for optical zoom in 3 times, without losing image quality. In addition, the hybrid zoom function up to five times is also available.

back to iPhone, the iPhone X 2017 model has a 12 megapixel double camera with wide-angle lens and telephoto lens. The camera has optical image stabilization and optical zoom 2 times.

Thanks to increased telelens, the device has also performed better under poor lighting conditions than previous models although Apple will be very interested in the possibility to equip the iPhone with more optical zoom.

Because it is still a rumor, the latest generation iPhone with a set up of three main cameras are still not believed to be present this year. Forbes is not the only one to report that Apple has an iPhone in development with three camera lenses. Some major media outlets have heard similar information from various sources, but all talk about his release in the second half of 2019.