O-Free, Oppo’s AirPod Competitors

Oppo launches O-Free, a wireless earphone, as the newest X Find phone pair. This completely cordless earphone is likely to be Apple’s AirPod competitor.

O-Free is made with a QCC3026 chip base that is also newly released by Qualcomm. This chip is designed so that the makers of wireless earphones can make wireless earphones like AirPod without the need to bolt its own chip.

In this wireless earphone embedded Qualcomm’s Stereo TrueWireless technology in order to have better power management and connectivity.

Oppo claims O-Free can be used to listen to music for four hours nonstop before the battery runs out. Just like AirPod, O-Free storage can also be used to charge the battery, and increase the battery life of this earphone for 12 hours.

Just like Find X, O-Free is also available in two colors that match the pair, namely red and blue. Buyers of Find Lamborghini Edition X can get O-Free for free in the sales package, while if purchased separately this eaphone price is USD 105.