Honor Claim Be King Smartphone in Online Market

Honor smartphone brands claim to be the king of sales in the online market. Honor claimed to be named ‘Dual Champion’ at 618 Shopping Festival, one of the biggest online sales event in China held by JD e-Commerce.

Honor mentions managed to achieve the highest total sales amount accumulated during this festival was held. Honor managed to rank first in the number of daily sales on June 18, 2018 for the category of smart phones.

In addition, globally, Honor claims to have grown rapidly and has been present in more than 74 countries. With its strategy to spread its wings in various countries.

For your information, in Russia, according to data released by Growth from Knowledge (GfK), an agency that releases market-related information and consumer information, Honor has entered the ranks of three smart phone brands with the highest number of sales for 12 months in a row. Not only that, in Russia Honor also get more than 10 percent market share since February this year.

This year, Honor’s newest flagship smartphone equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Honor 10, recorded total sales of more than 1 million. It’s just one month since the Honor smartphone was launched April 2018 in China and after a week was launched globally in London last May on the Amazon website and their official website in London.

Total sales of 10 overseas honors are claimed to have exceeded 100 thousand units in the first month. That number broke the sales record for the flagship smartphone category. The record-breaking sales figures are also the result of accumulated sales of Honor 10 in the specialty market, which is available after the global launch on May 15, 2018.

In addition to her home in China and global markets, Honor also credited with achieving a stunning achievement in Indonesia since entering the local market in March 2018. In April, Honor 9 Lite claimed a record-breaking sales at Shopee with 1,000 units in the first minute during flash sale, both products are Honor 7X. This achievement also occurs on the third product of the newly launched Honor, Honor 7A.