Here’s Why Mirrorless Cameras Are More Excelling For Traveling

Photography and traveling are now inseparable. People no longer travel to enjoy the natural scenery, but at the same time share the moment for the sake of existence in cyberspace. No wonder if now there are many travelers go carry DSLR cameras everywhere. But do you know my friend that there are a number of reasons mirrorless camera is superior to traveling?

DSLR is a Digital Single Lens Reflex acronym. DSLR cameras are known to be able to produce high quality images and give photographers a chance to create as freely. But along with the development of technology, appears the mirrorless who later became prima donna. Here Travelingyuk give some reasons mirrorless camera is superior to traveling.

1. Practical Brought

If interpreted freely, mirrorless has meaning without mirror. Mirrorless camera does not use a mirror to reflect light, like a DSLR camera. This makes the size of the camera body mirrorless much smaller than the DSLR.

That means mirrorless cameras are much more practical to carry around, especially when traveling. Buddy traveler no longer need to bother carrying a much bigger DSLR. Steady is not it?

2. Quality no doubt

Image quality is dependent on the retrieval technique, the technology used by the camera brand, and the lens. But in general, mirrorless camera capable of producing photos that are not less stunning than DSLR cameras. Even for the latest model can be used to record video with high resolution, suitable for buddy traveler who wants to create a vlog.

3. Live Reviews

One of the advantages of mirrorless camera is the user can immediately get a picture of the image through the display panel. Any changes made in the settings will be immediately visible on the screen. This makes it very easy to produce the best photos during traveling.

Compare with some DSLR cameras, where users are forced to view the photos by peering in the viewfinder. Certainly less practical and a waste of time.

4. Application support

Mirrorless camera manufacturers usually include support applications that can be downloaded for free for smartphones and tablet PCs. By using this application, users can directly save the photos on the phone via WiFi connection or bluetooth. Much more practical than first remove the memory card and put it on the PC.

Not only that, the application support mirrorless camera is usually also equipped with a shutter function. That means users can use their mobile phone for remote remotely. Suitable for buddy traveler who want to take the photos rolling while walking.

That’s why some mirrorless cameras are superior to traveling. Of course, DSLR cameras have their own advantages, but mirrorless could be an option for buddy travelers who crave practicality and ease.