IBM Showcases World’s Smallest Computer

IBM has its own way to enliven the IBM Think 2018 conference, which is to showcase the world’s smallest computer.

Indeed, the smallest status in the world is limited to IBM claims, but this computer does have a very small dimension, only 1×1 mm. Information about this computer is still minimal, but obviously the cost of making this computer is claimed very cheap.

Because of this small computer, IBM compares this computer chip with a grain of salt. While when it is installed with the motherboard, the size of this computer to be slightly larger, although no bigger than the tip of a human finger.

By comparison, the world’s smallest computer was Michigan Micro Mote that was exhibited in 2015. The width of the computer is 2mm.

It features a processor that has several hundred thousand transistors, SRAM memory, photo-voltaic cells as power sources, and communication units that use LEDs and photo detectors to communicate with other devices.

IBM claims that this computer has computing power equivalent to a 1990 x86 x86 chip, which was then strong to run the first version of Doom game. For information, Doom requires a computer with a minimum 386 processor spek and 4 MB of RAM.

The smallest computer in the world will be used by IBM in supply chain management and conterfiet protection. And this chip is one of the many crypto-anchors chips IBM deliberately developed for this purpose.