Radiant Images to Distribute Nokia OZO VR Camera

Radiant Images has gotten its easily on Nokia’s OZO basic absoluteness camera, with the advertisement that it will advertise and hire the camera for U.S. customers. Featuring eight synchronized all-around bang sensors and eight chip microphones, the OZO is able to abduction 360-degree and stereoscopic video with 360×360 beleaguer sound.

Radiant Nokia OZO

Designed in Nokia’s R&D accessories in Tampere, Finland, OZO is able to abundance all video and audio abstracts in a individual video file. It aswell appearance a individual achievement cable and one centralized array and ability with solid accompaniment drive recording cartridge.

The OZO’s eight synchronized sensors are 2Kx2K cameras. Agreeable is recorded to a 500 GB solid accompaniment drive that can authority up to 45 account of footage. The camera aswell appearance software that enables real-time 3D stereoscopic ecology and a playback arrangement that eliminates the charge to pre-assemble a across-the-board image. OZO’s recorded agreeable can again be appear on commercially accessible VR examination accouterments and is able to accommodate into post-production workflows.

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