IBM Showcases World’s Smallest Computer

29 June 2018

IBM has its own way to enliven the IBM Think 2018 conference, which is to showcase the world’s smallest computer. Indeed, the smallest status in the world is limited to IBM claims, but this computer does have a very small dimension, only 1×1 mm. Information about this computer is still minimal, but obviously the cost of making this computer is claimed very cheap. Because of this small computer, IBM compares…


TOP 5 best all-in-one PCs: today’s top, one-stop desktops

16 January 2017

All-in-ones aren’t your boilerplate PCs. They’re desktops with chip displays, frequently complemented by the adaptable audacity you’d apprehend from a laptop. As such, they’ve affiliated an arbitrary acceptability for bottom achievement compared to their full-on desktop belfry brethren. All-in-ones do, however, accept their advantages. These independent PCs about absorb beneath amplitude than a behemothic full-size tower, and they additionally don’t actualize a backup of USB and affectation cables for pets…


Last MacBook Pro powerfull for notebook users

MacBook Pro
13 January 2017

The latest MacBook Pro is a absolutely able anthology as consistently but for the aboriginal time there were apropos about its array life. They were so able that Consumer Reports ran tests and didn’t accord the MacBook Pro its absolution for the aboriginal time in the history of the lineup. After that Apple started alive calm with the alignment to fix the problem. Consumer Reports said the array activity was…


MSI Announces the X99A GAMING Pro Carbon Motherboard

14 May 2016

MSI Announces the X99A GAMING Pro Carbon Motherboard – MSI is appreciative to advertise the latest X99 Achievement GAMING motherboard, the X99A GAMING PRO CARBON, world’s aboriginal motherboard alms advanced USB 3.1 Type-C. This new motherboard has been congenital from the arena up and has a absolutely new architecture for its abundant argent heatsinks and covers, based on the latest CARBON attending & feel. Besides this absolutely new design, the…


Rumor Microsoft Surface Book 2 Would stretcher 4k screen

9 May 2016

Series Surface from Microsoft always raises the curiosity for the world of technology lovers. Surface offers thin portable devices that can be relied upon as a working tool. Reporting from GSM Arena website (05/09/2016) Microsoft rumors will be released a series of Microsoft Surface Book 2 in June this year. It seems that in the release of Microsoft Surface Book 2 simultaneously With appears MacBook Pro 2016. Competition is certainly…