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  • Here’s Why Mirrorless Cameras Are More Excelling For Traveling
  • Google Launches Security Update, Pixel and Nexus
  • O-Free, Oppo’s AirPod Competitors
  • Sony Xperia XZ3 lead Geekbench Test Results
  • Honor Claim Be King Smartphone in Online Market

Google Launches Security Update, Pixel and Nexus

Google has confirmed its Android security patch has been launched from today to various Pixel and Nexus smartphones. By bringing a total of eight fixes, one of them is the ability to allow remote code execution found in WLAN components. Google also patches the 24 extra vulnerabilities listed as “high” security threats, which include bugs that allow some software to access personal information, whether intentional or not, Also, 26 improvements…


O-Free, Oppo’s AirPod Competitors

Oppo launches O-Free, a wireless earphone, as the newest X Find phone pair. This completely cordless earphone is likely to be Apple’s AirPod competitor. O-Free is made with a QCC3026 chip base that is also newly released by Qualcomm. This chip is designed so that the makers of wireless earphones can make wireless earphones like AirPod without the need to bolt its own chip. In this wireless earphone embedded Qualcomm’s…


Sony Xperia XZ3 lead Geekbench Test Results

Sony news gush new flagship phones have reached the ears since a few weeks ago. Now the phone began to appear in cyberspace. But not in physical form, but test data on the Geekbench site. An H8526 encoded device has just been tested for performance. Believed this is the phone of the Xperia XZ3 product line. It refers to the series name of its predecessor, XZ2 which has a code…


Honor Claim Be King Smartphone in Online Market

Honor smartphone brands claim to be the king of sales in the online market. Honor claimed to be named ‘Dual Champion’ at 618 Shopping Festival, one of the biggest online sales event in China held by JD e-Commerce. Honor mentions managed to achieve the highest total sales amount accumulated during this festival was held. Honor managed to rank first in the number of daily sales on June 18, 2018 for…


Technology Lovers Wait for the Presence of iPhone X with 3 Cameras

On the mat Mobile World Congress (MWC) early 2018, Huawei introduced a surprising smartphone with three main cameras, the Huawei P20 Pro. This is the first phone in the world with a triple camera. Since then various rumors have been circulating about other future smartphone models with three cameras. In addition to Samsung Galaxy S10, there seems to be another smartphone that is under development with three cameras on the…

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